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The most recent release is 3dfb 0.4

       3dfb - Display directory structure relative to argument

       3dfb path [-V | --version]

       3dfb renders the directory structure in a window using the
       OpenGL Library. It allows you to explore the whole hierar-
       chical filesystem tree by clicking on objects.

       When  invoked  the program will print a short help info on
       the console.  You can  access  this  help  every  time  by
       pressing  the  < SPACE >  key.  The help will be rendered in
       the scene and is immune to MODELVIEW manipulations.

       You can not delete or modify files or directories. Support
       for that will be added in the future.

       Just click on the polygon and you will be taken to that 


A view from far away on /usr (66k)
Starting view at / (70K)


3dfb is released under the GPL. See COPYING for more information. In the distribution is also a .spec file included, so it should be very easy to build an RPM.
3dfb can be compiled whether with the AUX Stuff or the GLUT library. I succesfully compiled it on my home Linux System and on a SGI IRIX.

Download 3dfb.tar.gz

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