Transcode Actions

This is a small selection of scripts for the transcode tool from These scripts allow you to control a running transcode session, e.g. enable or disable filters, etc.

Download the package tcactions-0.1.tar.gz

From the README:

This package lets you control transcode(1) dependent on
frame numbers. The idea is to grep transcode output.
We use sed and awk to generate a control file (called
`command') from the template file `'. The file
`' is the file you have to edit. Please read the
CAVEATS section below.

The file has a very simple syntax. Each line
specifies an action to be executed at a specific frame. 



123 help

Execute the "help" command at frame 123.

Here is a more comprehensive example for

10 load yuvdenoise sharpen=0
10 disable yuvdenoise
120 enable yuvdenoise
150 disable yuvdenoise
300 enable yuvdenoise
330 disable yuvdenoise

The full list of available commands is documented in
/transcode/docs/filter-socket.txt. Here is a short list
  load <filter> <initial string>
  config <filter> <string>
  parameters <filter>
  enable <filter>
  disable <filter>
  unload <filter>
  preview <command>
    [ draw | undo | pause | fastfw |
    slowfw | slowbw | rotate |
    rotate | display | slower |
    faster | toggle ]
  list [ load | enable | disable ]

A Makefile is provided for convenience
  $ make command
To generate `command' from `'

  $ make awk
To show the commandline you have to use

- Do NOT use frame numbers smaller than 10 as transcode
  sometimes does not print them so the pattern will fail.
- the socket file argument for transcode has to be
  "/tmp/tcsocket" or adjust tcgenaction.sed and regenerate

You need sed in /bin/sed and gawk in /usr/bin/gawk and at
least transcode-20030123


© 2003 Tilmann Bitterberg,