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Some tools and shellscripts I have written; they might be useful for someone else.


These feature enhancements are very small but useful; they are distributed in patch form so you can apply them using the following command (assumimg you are in the root directory of the pine source tree):
  $ patch -p1 < PATCHFILE 

1) Save Msg Name Rule

by-realname-of-from and by-realname-of-from-then-from are two new rules to save your mail. They use the fullname (eg. realname) of the sender of the message as a suggestion for the folder in which the message should be saved.

Get the patch pine-realname-saveto.patch

2) Save selected Msgs after Name Rule

This feature affects the behaviour when Saving. If you have selected more than one message, this command allows you to save all of the messages after your save-msg-name-rule. The first of the selected messages is used to gather the information needed for selecting the folder.
For example if you select all messages from Joe Doe, pine usually suggests to save the messages to [saved-messages]. If this feature is enabled your settings for save-msg-name-rule will be applied.

Get the patch pine-save-after-msg-rule.patch

I use this script very often, it's very useful for converting .mp3 files to the "right filename" It does the following things:
- Converts blanks to underscores
- Converts ' and ` in nothing
- Converts _-_[01][0-9]_-_ to _-_
- Converts something like to Blah_Blah_-_Foo_bar
- Capitalizes the letters at the beginning of a line or after a _ or after a -
- Converts 'false endings' to mp3

Download b2u here


I often do things like
  for i in *Blah*; do
      mv "$i" $(echo $i | sed 's/Blah/Asdf/')

The sedmv script automates this task, for example you can use it like

$ ./sedmv '*Blah*' 's/Blah/Asdf/' 

Download sedmv here
If you like, have a look at my sed page over here

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